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The ordering process


step 1

Visit the shop

In the shop you'll find all the garments that are available.  I've presented technical sketches and images of examples of the garment being worn.  Read the description, where you'll find any fabric choice specifications to help guide your design decisions.  These specifications are in place for technical reasons on my construction end and for proper fit.  


step 2

browse the fabric gallery

Now its time to design your garment and have some fun!  Take some time to feast your eyes on my ever-changing collection of vintage and second hand fabrics.  The guidelines from the product description, along with the fabric key should help you find just the right selection.  Please contact me with any questions, and if the decision process is too overwhelming I'm here to help.  Just take note of the name of the fabric you've chosen so you can add it to the notes on your order when you place it.


step 3


Click the link below for instructions on taking body measurements.  I do provide size charts for most of the garments, so this step is not always required, but if you provide me with measurements I can check for fit.  This can be especially helpful for pants and more complicated garments and helps cut down on exchanges when buying online.  Size chart grading can also be a little generic, and most people don't fit into a box, so I'm I'm happy to accommodate.


step 4

place your order

Take your measurements and fabric choice back to the shop and add this info into your order notes.  If you prefer for me to make certain decisions, like which contrast fabric looks best, or what ribbing should be used, then simply specify a single fabric choice.  Now it's all in my hands, and I will get back to you with an estimated construction timeline.  XOXO

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